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We bring Human  and Artificial Intelligence together .

Putting humans at the heart of AI

At we use the latest in computer vision and deep learning techniques to build the next generation of human centric AI products. Our solutions draw on human feedback to deliver deeper insights from smaller data sets.

We call this process the Human Feedback Loop, where our users’ preference and feedback consistently drives our AI to deliver better results.

Proprietary Trading Strategies

Traders use Saffronblue to develop their trading strategies and harness AI driven pattern detection.

    • Signal formation: Our solutions enable you to form signals with multiple patterns or assets, scaling your trading strategies.
    •  Market scanning: Our AI powered pattern detection enables traders to scan across markets for trading opportunities.
    • Trading Strategy Visualisation: Our visual solutions give a high-level signals overview across multiple markets, allowing you to identify previously undiscovered trading opportunities in real time.

Anomaly Classification & Detection

Requiring a small training set of anomalies Saffronblue solutions will begin identifying and classifying anomalies in your data set.

    • Small data analysis: Our unique approach to AI training enables our solutions to deliver accurate analysis from small data sets. Driven by your knowledge and expertise our systems quickly learn from you.

    • Universal engine: Our human centric approach enables us to create anomaly detectors from scratch in minutes and deploy them across multiple industries.

Computer Vision

Our unique approach to machine learning enables our solutions to focus on the subjective human attributes, delivering results tailored to each user.  

    • User preference profiles: Our solutions draw on the preferences of a user and adjust with increased usage. This enables us to capture more accurately what the user prefers rather than attempting to codify the decision making.
    • Image Search: Through user feedback we are able to deliver more accurate and relevant image search results quicker.



No Setup

Our solutions seamlessly integrate in to your business. Regardless of the hardware or software you use.


Our cloud solutions maximise the speed with which you serve your customers.


Our solutions are rigorously tested and develop ed by industry renowned institutions .


We are committed to protecting your business and data. That’s why your data never leaves your operations.

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