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Our AI you.

At we use the latest in computer vision and deep learning techniques to build the next generation of human centric AI products

Human expertise with AI capabilities.

We do not hardcode human decision making. Instead, we’ve created a human feedback loop to help humans and AI continuously learn and draw insights from one another.  Specialist expertise is fledged by years of industry experience, our mission is to help humans utilise AI and apply their knowledge at scale.

Visual by Design

Visual communication is the oldest and fastest form of communication. It is the bedrock of our approach to helping you effectively leverage AI. By helping you visualise your strategies, our AI is able to amplify them and deploy them across large datasets.

Amplifying your team

We help you deploy your expertise and strategies at scale, elevating your team’s performance. Our cloud-based solutions enable you to amplify the impact of your strategies. Our API ensures that your data analysis is carried out at the speeds 30x faster than the average industry GPU.

Where we're making an impact

Proprietary Trading Strategies

Traders use Saffronblue to develop their trading strategies and harness AI driven pattern detection.

Anomaly Detection

Our solutions identify visual anomalies within time series data, from stock charts to ECG requiring only a small training data set of anomalies.

Computer Vision

Our solutions draw on subjective visual preference of users with increased feedback. Enabling them to form classification profiles for each user.

Why ?

No Setup

Our solutions seamlessly integrate in to your business. Regardless of the hardware or software you use.


Our cloud solutions maximise the speed with which you serve your customers. Achieving speeds 30x industry GPU.


Our solutions are rigorously tested and develop ed by industry renowned institutions like Axone and OSL.


We are committed to protecting your business and data. That’s why your data never leaves your operations.

What our clients say have delivered us a level of service and insight we did not think was possible. They are breaking into a new ground and we are very much excited to be a part of it.

Gavin Dhillon, Head of Derivatives Trading, Petroineos Trading Ltd

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