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TRANSFORM HOW YOU DO BUSINESS helps you successfully integrate AI within your business. We automate otherwise time-consuming and complex data analysis, providing state-of-the-art visualisation to allow companies to make smarter decisions in less time. By using behavioural analytics, your business can better serve its customers, accelerate digital transformation, tailor marketing, or even detect and fight fraud.

See the big picture.

Our AI-driven visualisation suite helps you analyse large quantities of information and identify opportunities in real-time. Our heatmaps make sense of the most complex patterns and trends by geometrically representing your strategies, making your search for business opportunities simpler and quicker.

Make faster, better & more focused decisions.

Our products automate time-consuming data analysis at speeds unachievable by humans allowing you to focus on serving your clients and making better decisions. Our API ensures that your data analysis is carried out at the speeds 30x faster than the average industry GPU.

Work with the best.

Using skills honed at leading financial institutions, our machine learning experts can help you gain an edge in your industry, win clients, and improve financial returns. Use our technology to boost your performance and build long-lasting AI strategies.

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Our solutions seamlessly integrate into your business and are compatible with any hardware and data sources, like Bloomberg, Reuters and major exchanges.


Our solutions are rigorously tested and developed by industry renowned institutions.


We are committed to protecting your business and data. Your data never leaves your business, but is enhanced by our solutions.


Making decisions quickly makes the difference between winning and losing. Our cloud solution maximizes the speed with which you serve your customers.

“ have brought us a level of service we did not think was possible. They are breaking into new ground and we are excited to be a part of it.”

Gavin Dhillon, Senior Oil Trader


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